A Few Thoughts On the Etsy IPO


A few tidbits from our analysis of the Etsy IPO

Etsy is going public very soon.  There are some interesting things about the company.  Such as:

-Who knew selling arts and crafts could generate $122 million in a year?  Those local art fairs are deceiving.

-It costs a lot of money to sell that stuff.  Etsy lost over $15 million doing it last year.

-Etsy considers active sellers as a member who has created an account and has listed an item in its marketplace, which seems to be a low standard for “active.”

-Etsy considers active buyers as someone who has made a purchase in the last 12 months, which makes more sense.

-Lots of people use Etsy: 1.4 million active sellers and (more importantly) almost 20 million active buyers.

-Mobile makes up over half of its visits.

Etsy Logo

Etsy to IPO soon. IPO is now a verb, I guess.

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