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ECOtality May Be Considering Public Offering As Share Price, Prospects, Products Melt Down

As the worst VC firm in history (*cough*US Government*cough*) sees its portfolio dwindle again, one of the dwindlers may be preparing to raise some private money. ECOtality, Inc. is a “green” energy company and, as such, is an esteemed recipient of … Continue reading

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Why Company Behind Candy Crush Saga May Be Considering An IPO

Cross-posted at My Gamasutra Blog. Midasplayer International, also known as ‘King,’ may be preparing an IPO, which may be prompted by their long-time investors. The company behind Candy Crush Saga is reportedly considering an IPO.  According to reports, Midasplayer International … Continue reading

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MobileSpan Raises Funds to Keep Employees Permanently Chained To Their Desktops

Mountain View-based Company Announced Private Funding Round MobileSpan, Inc., a Mountain View-based company that gives “your workers a single, consistent workspace across all devices,” reported that they raised approximately $2.3 million of their $2.4 million private placement.  There was no … Continue reading

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More VC News As Stealth Mode-y Paybook Raises About $2 Million. A Minty Fresh Take on Personal Finance Software?

Paybook, an Austin, Texas start in the personal finance space with business applications, filed a notice with the SEC declaring that it has raised $1.95 million of its planned $2 million dollar offering.  There were no other details about the … Continue reading

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