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Groupon Director Not Seeking Re-election

Groupon to reduce size of board as one director does not stand for re-election. Groupon filed its proxy statement with the SEC.  The proxy statement included the news that Mellody Hobson has not been re-nominated and her term as director … Continue reading

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Price of Going Public – Facebook Deals With Shareholder Proposals In Proxy Statement For Annual Meeting

Shareholder proposals in the Facebook proxy statement demonstrate some of the disadvantages of being a prominent public company. Facebook has filed its proxy statement for its upcoming annual meeting on May 22, 2014.  I’m sure they look back fondly on … Continue reading

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After Dell Pushes Back Record Date for Buyout, Hedge Funds Respond By Buying Dell Shares

Shorter term investors looking for a quick exit now eligible to vote on the Michael Dell/Silver Lake buyout. The much-discussed Dell buyout previous had a record date of June 3, meaning you had to be a stockholder on that day … Continue reading

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Former Dot Com Star, Comverse, Sets Record Date for Spin-Off Following Announcement of Acquisition by Verint Systems

Comverse Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:CMTV) announced the August 27, 2012 record date for its shareholders’ meeting to be held to vote on the spin-off of its Comverse, Inc. subsidiary.  The record date for the spin-off will be set shortly after the … Continue reading

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