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Facebook Mobile Ad Network Ready For Launch?

The Facebook mobile ad network is reportedly ready for announcement at the end of the month. Facebook reportedly to announce Facebook Mobile Ad Network this month. We have made the case over and over again about how Facebook in particular, … Continue reading

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Dropbox Raises A Few Million Ahead Of Reported IPO

Dropbox conducts private placement; raises cash ahead of purported IPO. Dropbox has been one of the more anticipated IPO candidates for a while.  Rumor has it that rival Box beat it to the punch with a confidential IPO filing after … Continue reading

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Initial Reaction To Twitter IPO

I was surprised that they did not go for the dual class share structure that is so popular these days with tech companies.  Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have adopted it to maintain control while giving up ownership.

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A Recurring Theme Here: The Future Is Mobile, Not Social

We’ve covered this topic on the PRO site a number of times in discussing Facebook’s issues.  (See here and here, for example) Remember when everyone would go nuts when the word “social” was mentioned and talk about their “social layer?”  Their future, … Continue reading

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How Much Is GOOGLE Chairman’s Stock Trading Plan Worth?

“I’ll take it in singles, please.  I have a reservation in the Champagne Room.” On Friday, February 8, 2013, GOOGLE (GOOG) announced that on November 15, 2012, Eric Schmidt, its Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, adopted a stock … Continue reading

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