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Latest LinkedIn Filing Demonstrates Again That The Future Is Mobile

Our hypothesis stands. LinkedIn recently filed its June 30 Form 10-Q.  We did not find too many earth-shattering revelations in the filing, but one thing caught our eye.  In its risk factor relating to mobile devices, LinkedIn is now discussing … Continue reading

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Apple And Samsung: What Goes Around … Comes Around.

ITC rules Apple infringes on Samsung patents and bans the importation and sale of some Apple products, including the iPhone 4. There has been significant coverage of the Apple/Samsung patent wars.  As of last fall, Apple appeared to be the … Continue reading

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Psychic Friends Network Revives As A Public Company After 1998 Bankruptcy

Cue cheap joke about how they should’ve known about the legislative and regulatory changes that led to their bankrupcy . . . Looking at today’s filings, we were struck by a strange sense of déjà vu, like a presence from … Continue reading

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What a Hoot! Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. Files Amendment to Form 10-Q After Disclaiming Previous Financial Statements.

Serious financial analysis or shameless attempt to drive traffic? You be the judge. Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) is a strange conglomeration of investment funds and overseas Hooters restaurants.  In September, they disclaimed their historical financial statements and have been fixing … Continue reading

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Put Your Seats and Tray Tables in the Locked and Upright Position. No, the Other Locked and Upright Position. And Please, No Snakes on a Plane.

Baltia Air Lines revised Form 10-Q because it accidentally made some formatting errors. Oh, yeah. It also got some numbers wrong too. Baltia is “America’s newest airline.”  It claims that in 2012,  it “will inaugurate non-stop service between New York’s … Continue reading

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