Opps Tracker

Welcome to the Opps Tracker, where we monitor the performance of items posted under the category, “Opps.”

Here is how we described our Opps:

Sexy Update: We now have a new category called “Opps” to designate where there is an opportunity for additional research for purchase or sale. This is NOT investment advice. Rather, we will be tracking the performance of these companies for future posts. This is the first post under that category.  Enjoy.

The legend for the columns appears below the table.

Initial Trade Date – Date of the post describing the Opp.
Issuer/Ticker – Company and ticker symbol described in the Opp.
Reference Price – Approximate trading price at the time of post.  This may be an estimate based on volatility of the stock price around the time of writing the post and may also be impacted by delays by information providers in providing stock quotes. We use Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and other similar services.  The information in the Tracker is from Google Finance.  All caveats from Google Finance apply (“Information is provided “as is” and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice, and may be delayed, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah”).  No heroic measures were taken to obtain this information.
Current Price – The current trading price as found on Google Finance.  This spreadsheet was prepared using Google Docs or Drive or whatever they call it these days, and the trading price is a function built in to the spreadsheet.
Locked-in Price/Locked-in Date - This is the price and date of any (theoretical) trailing stop-loss order, put option or other derivative designed to lock-in gains or limit losses.
Locked-in Gain/Loss – This is the (theoretical) gain or loss achieved, determined by subtracting the Reference Price from the Locked-in Price.  This does not take into account timing or execution issues involved in consummating the lock-in sale.
Current Gain/Loss – This is the current gain or loss outstanding, determined by subtracting the Reference Price from the Current Price.