More VC News As Stealth Mode-y Paybook Raises About $2 Million. A Minty Fresh Take on Personal Finance Software?


Paybook, an Austin, Texas start in the personal finance space with business applications, filed a notice with the SEC declaring that it has raised $1.95 million of its planned $2 million dollar offering.  There were no other details about the offering or investors available.

Paybook’s website only offers the chance at an invitation without providing any details about what it does, but its LinkedIn and CrunchBase profiles sound like a shot at Mint or QuickBooks:

Paybook offers a unique way to collaborate your personal, social, and business finances. [Ed.  We don’t know what they mean by “collaberate your personal, social, and business finances.”  Presumably, it means monitor them or consolidate them into a single interface, but “collaberate” sounds social-ier, which is important for “branding” and “positioning” and lots of other buzzwords.  We'll see at launch.]

With Paybook, you gain complete visibility to all of your bank, credit card, and investment accounts so that you can quickly and securely monitor your finances online or through your mobile device.

Categorize your spending in a way that is useful to you, and get custom reports and dashboards to help you make sound monetary decisions. Paybook also features shared expense tracking, so you can plan group trips and social events and feel confident that everyone will come out even.

For businesses, try the travel allowance app to track in real-time all employee transactions, make quick reimbursements, and build insightful reports that will help you to take control over your company’s expenses.

We are looking forward to launch.

Paybook Form D
Paybook Homepage
Paybook LinkedIn Profile
Paybook CrunchBase Profile

Speaking of minty fresh, remember the Doublemint Twins?  Classic stuff.



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