The Market is Showing Some Short-Term Investing Opportunities in Options Plays. Can You Take Advantage?


Could you capitalize trading on the investment opportunities in these unusual activities in these options?

Watch the video for more information, but here are the key details on some option trading opportunities for short-term plays:

Marathon Petroleum (MPC) – $52.50 strike, September, 500k share equivalent contracts on short term options, almost certainly related to the storm in Houston

***Ceasar’s (CZR) – Oct calls looking for an uptick in business at the end of the summer

Merck (MRK) – Sept $63 calls

There are some additional details on the trades here as well.

To learn more about options and forex trading strategies, click here.

Learn Options and Forex Investment Trading Strategies

Learn Options and Forex Investment Trading Strategies

Finding the best options trading opportunities means recognizing and understanding a good setup situation and a situation to avoid.

For many investors, it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding a trade from the news or the Internet. It is also very easy to believe you are on top of the news and markets from reading the Business and Markets sections of the newspaper or reading the latest and greatest on the Internet.

However, these opportunities are probably gone by the time you read about it.

As a result, the right education, strategies and practice is necessary to act on the right trades as the right time.

***Full disclosure, we hold shares of CZR common stock.

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