HubSpot Files IPO Docs, Reportedly


HubSpot files IPO documents on a confidential basis and has chosen bankers, according to news reports.

HubSpot Logo

HubSpot is preparing for its IPO.

HubSpot, which offers an “inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers,” reportedly filed confidential IPO documents with the SEC.

HubSpot is in a hot area, with the SaaS marketing app companies on tear lately.

Marketo (Nasdaq: MKTO) went public last May at $13.00 share and closed today at the oddly even amount of $41.00/share.

Responsys went public in April 2011 at $12.00/share and was acquired by Oracle earlier this year for $1.5 billion, or $27.00 per share.

Eloqua went public in August 2012 at $11.50/share and was acquired by Oracle (sense a trend?) in December 2012 for $23.50/share.

ExactTarget went public in March 2012 at $19.00/share and was acquired by Salesforce in June 2013 for $2.5 billion, or $33.75/share.

With online companies fighting for attention and market share, it is likely that the online inbound and outbound marketing companies will continue to be attractive to investors and acquirors.


Full disclosure: We are an investor/founder of an online advertising analytics company that is currently in pre-release. As of this writing, we have no interest in any of the companies mentioned

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