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Warren Buffett Exercises TARP-Era Warrants For Shares Of Goldman Sachs

How to make billions out of nothing. Back in April, we told you how Warren Buffett’s crisis-era deal with Goldman Sachs included warrants to purchase $5 billion worth of shares, and those warrants were amended to provide for net exercise.  … Continue reading

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Argentina Loses Appeal In Bondholder Fight As Court Sides With Bondholder Group Led By Elliott Management

Next up: Supreme Court, if it is willing to take the case. In a victory for investors in sovereign securities, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Argentina’s appeal of the court order requiring Argentina’s payment of $1.3 billion … Continue reading

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ECOtality May Be Considering Public Offering As Share Price, Prospects, Products Melt Down

As the worst VC firm in history (*cough*US Government*cough*) sees its portfolio dwindle again, one of the dwindlers may be preparing to raise some private money. ECOtality, Inc. is a “green” energy company and, as such, is an esteemed recipient of … Continue reading

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Argentina Goes to U.S. Supreme Court to Stiff Bondholders

Argentina files suit to avoid paying Elliott Management in battle of naval powers. We have previously stated our admiration for the naval prowess of Elliott Management.  But, Argentina continues to fight back. Argentina has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to … Continue reading

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How to Get $1.2 Billion of Goldman Sachs Shares Without Really Trying (err, Paying)

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Goldman Sachs revise terms of warrants to provide for cashless exercise. When everyone thought the financial world was crumbling and threatening to suck Goldman Sachs down along with it, Warren Buffett stepped up to the … Continue reading

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Rolling On To Better Things. Heely’s Nixes Liquidation Deal to Hook Up With Another Company To Live On. But, Is There More or Less Value in the New Deal?

Heely’s, Inc. created quite stir a few years ago with those sneakers that included wheels that popped out of the heel to turn them into little roller skates.  You may have seen some of the ne’er-do-wells at the local shopping … Continue reading

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The Coolest Hedge Fund Article Ever. Hedge Funds Try to Foreclose On the Argentine Navy. Awesome!

Argentina did what does best, default on a bunch of debt.  Some hedge funds bought it and would like their money, thankyouverymuch. The hedge funds have been going around the world to try and seize Argentine assets.  Among them is … Continue reading

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