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Volcker Rule’s Victims – Zions To Reclassify, Divest CDO Portfolio

Volcker Rule, an ill-advised part of ill-advised “comprehensive reform” statute, is wielded like a blunt instrument. Dodd and Frank continue reign of terror after leaving Congress. Zions Bancorporation announced that it believes that almost all of its CDO portfolio will be … Continue reading

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Apple Offshore Cash Horde And U.S. Taxes

Apple’s Offshore Cash targeted by recent SEC comments, showing a renewed focus by U.S. government to target offshore tax shelter strategies. Apple CEO Tim Cook testified before the Senate regarding tax avoidance strategies.  In particular, Apple uses Irish subsidiaries to … Continue reading

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The Risk Of Bitcoins

Cross-posted at We have been getting our share of Bitcoin-related inquiries lately.  Here are our thoughts regarding the risk of engaging in Bitcoin-denominated transactions. In our view, the biggest risk of Bitcoins is the regulatory issue.  This risk exist whether … Continue reading

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Want To Know The Details In The Facebook/Zynga Developer Addendum?

Tough. The SEC granted an extension of the confidential period. In May 2010, Facebook and Zynga entered into a developer agreement that, among other things, permitted Facebook to post ads on Zynga game pages, implemented Facebook Credits on Zynga games … Continue reading

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ECOtality May Be Considering Public Offering As Share Price, Prospects, Products Melt Down

As the worst VC firm in history (*cough*US Government*cough*) sees its portfolio dwindle again, one of the dwindlers may be preparing to raise some private money. ECOtality, Inc. is a “green” energy company and, as such, is an esteemed recipient of … Continue reading

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Just When You Think New York And The US Have Done All They Can Do To Force Capital to Flee Overseas . . .

EU banker pay caps and “transparency” rules to prove a boon to EU financial market competitors. The EU has capped banker bonuses and will require a “strict transparency regime.”  This proves that you don’t have you win if the other … Continue reading

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A Closer Look At the Description of Parker Drilling’s Proposed Settlement with DOJ, SEC

Parker Drilling will pay a bunch of money, promise to be good and tattle on itself for three years. If not, all bets are off and DOJ and SEC can still unleash the hounds. Parker Drilling Company (PKD) announced today … Continue reading

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Valley Forge Composite Welcomes New Directors As It Welcomes An Investigation Into Allegations of Illegal Exports of Military Equipment to Hong Kong

New Directors: “We are excited to be on the board. Now about those D&O policies . . .” The setup: Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc. (VLYF), a bulletin board company, is in the business of selling mechanical devices (momentum wheels) … Continue reading

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U.S. To Sue S&P Over Mortgage Securities Ratings

In completely unrelated news, S&P downgraded the United States’ credit rating in August 2011. Standard & Poors Rating Services, a subsidiary of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (MHP), issued a press release announcing that the U.S. Department of Justice told them … Continue reading

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