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Let’s Play ‘Spot the Questionable, Small-Time Financial Structure’

Can you guess? I bet you can. Lets see . . . Colorado corporation organized for a completely different business?  Check. Ridiculous capital structure with enormous number of outstanding shares?  Check. Grandiose name?  Check. Lack of assets and revenues?  Check. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Disrupts SEC Reporting

Expect More of These As Companies Come Back On Line After The Storm. Pay Close Attention To Companies With History of Late Filings Using This As An Excuse We just noticed a company filing a notice with the SEC that … Continue reading

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Company Files 10-Q Without Accountants’ Review and Blame Them For It. Accountants Respond Like Dan Aykroyd during Saturday Night Live’s Golden Era.

Well, this is interesting.  A bit of he said/she said between an issuer and its accountants. RT Technologies, Inc. is a China-based company in the business of not doing anything.  Don’t believe me?  In the words of Groucho Marx, who … Continue reading

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Blue Water Runs Late and Slow, Like the Everglades Easing Its Way South, Like Jessica Alba in ‘Into the Blue’

Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (formerly SmartPay Express, Inc.), which seems to have recently transitioned from some sort of smartcard company in China to a shipwreck and treasure recovery firm in Florida, filed a Form 8-K explaining that it is … Continue reading

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