Amazon Cloud Service Growing

Amazon to report AWS cloud segment separately in upcoming SEC filings.

Amazon’s cloud offering, known as Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is growing.  This is not just is absolute terms but in relation to the rest of Amazon’s business as well.  Amazon describes its AWS business as:

“a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, applications, and deployment services that enable virtually any type of business.”

Currently, Amazon reports two segments, and they are by geography:  North America and everything else, or “International.”

In its latest annual report on Form 10-K, Amazon noted that it would soon be reporting AWS as a separate segment.

 ”We expect to change our reportable segments to report North America, International, and AWS, beginning with the first quarter of 2015.”

Amazon did not say that it would necessarily be required to report in this manner, which it may be required to do if it meets various 10% thresholds of revenue, profit/loss or combined assets.  It is also a distinct business unit with an SVP-level person.  In addition, it is directed to businesses, rather than consumers, like their other products.

Like many people, we will be watching closely to see how this business has grown and is growing.


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