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What a Hoot! Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. Files Amendment to Form 10-Q After Disclaiming Previous Financial Statements.

Serious financial analysis or shameless attempt to drive traffic? You be the judge. Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) is a strange conglomeration of investment funds and overseas Hooters restaurants.  In September, they disclaimed their historical financial statements and have been fixing … Continue reading

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Down Doobie-Do Down Down, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. Activist Fund Urges Break Up of Ball Bearings and Steel Company, Timken

Activist Investor Relational Investors, LLC and California Teachers Pension Fund CalSTRS Push For Spin-Off of The Timken Company’s Steel Business Relational Investors and CalSTRS filed a 13D for The Timken Company (TKR). They think Timken is undervalued because of the … Continue reading

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Put Your Seats and Tray Tables in the Locked and Upright Position. No, the Other Locked and Upright Position. And Please, No Snakes on a Plane.

Baltia Air Lines revised Form 10-Q because it accidentally made some formatting errors. Oh, yeah. It also got some numbers wrong too. Baltia is “America’s newest airline.”  It claims that in 2012,  it “will inaugurate non-stop service between New York’s … Continue reading

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Stealth Mode Solar Film Maker Gets Some Private Funding. Cha-ching.

You know who else is in stealth mode? James Bond. Izar Solar, reportedly an Illinois-based maker of solar film in stealth mode, recently raised $1.5 million of a $3.5 million round of debt financing. It raised a $3.5 million equity … Continue reading

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Rolling On To Better Things. Heely’s Nixes Liquidation Deal to Hook Up With Another Company To Live On. But, Is There More or Less Value in the New Deal?

Heely’s, Inc. created quite stir a few years ago with those sneakers that included wheels that popped out of the heel to turn them into little roller skates.  You may have seen some of the ne’er-do-wells at the local shopping … Continue reading

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U.S. Stimulating Chinese Economy Again as Wanxiang Group Wins Bid for A123′s Assets

Wanxiang Group was announced as the winning bidder for A123 Systems’ assets.  A123 had previously been awarded a federal stimulus grant of about $250 million, had applied for federal loans of about $233 million and had received other incentives from the … Continue reading

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You Should Thank Us For Taking Over Your Company. And By ‘Thank Us,’ We Mean Leave Us Alone. Thanks.

Can you take it all away Can you take it all away When you shoved it in my face This pain you gave to me Can you take it all away Can you take it all away When you shoved it … Continue reading

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