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Facebook and Zynga Began to Float Apart, Like Planets After the Big IPO Bang. Facebook Gambles But Giving Zynga Some Freedom But Retaining Key Potential Income Source.

Zynga and Facebook both made filings regarding their developer agreement. Neither filed the agreement, but Zynga provided a more detailed look. Facebook treated it as an afterthought. Much of the agreement shows Facebook cutting Zynga loose a bit.  For example, … Continue reading

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Red Pill/Blue Pill Redux. Abbott Board Approves Spin-Off

As we noted here, Abbott Labs is splitting in two.  The board formally approved it and set a December 12 record date for a January 1 dividend date.  Meanwhile, the stock price has not recovered from the body blow delivered … Continue reading

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They’d Tell You, But They’d Have to Kill You

Complete Genomics wants to tell you something, but a confidentiality agreement prevents it.  Meanwhile an unnamed party wants to do some unmentionable things to unknown people. This is great: On November 27, 2012, the Court of Chancery preliminarily enjoined, until a … Continue reading

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When the Auditors Quit, Does the Investment Fit?

The auditors for GeoPetro Resources Company declined to “stand for re-election.”  In other words, they jumped from that bus like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Give the auditors some credit, they bailed after the 10-Q, but they seem to see … Continue reading

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Tech Company with Super Awesome Technology That No One Can Replicate Has Serious Balance Sheet Issues.

Debt Resolve, a “technology company that develops complete, integrated, web-based debt management solutions for consumer credit issuers, debt buyers, collection agencies, collection law firms, hospitals, doctor groups and utilities using patent-protected processes that cannot be replicated by our competitors,” [Ed:  … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Disrupts SEC Reporting

Expect More of These As Companies Come Back On Line After The Storm. Pay Close Attention To Companies With History of Late Filings Using This As An Excuse We just noticed a company filing a notice with the SEC that … Continue reading

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Eloqua Insiders File to Ride the IPO Cash Out Wave Like Laird Hamilton At Peʻahi

Officers, Directors and Large Shareholders File to Sell Out Eloqua (ELOQ) is a “leading provider” of on-demand Revenue Performance Management software solutions.  They are basically a SaaS* company that helps companies track sales and marketing.  They recently made an updated … Continue reading

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New Post on Facebook’s Mobile Strategy Now Available in Our PRO Reports Section

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